The 1% (Devil In America)

by Yancy Deron



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It's a Fuck you I love you relationship.
When I fucked you, you loved me and didn't say shit.
Now you Fuck over me like an Illuminati dick
So why the fuck would I ever give your ass two cents.
You cold-hearted, filthy rich, bossy ass bitch.
First you make the medicine..
Then you make a nxggx sick.
Can't stand all the games that you playing with the youth.
I'm just saying You a coward won't you tell your kids the truth.
Propaganda to the brain is like a Paralyzing drug...
And you wonder why my whole generation be smoking bud...
Instant remedy!
Cause and effect...
Short-term memory.
Prepping the brain for change is part of the Chemistry.
Maye we'll forger about the lineage og the Kennedy's.
You SPEAK out.
You leak out.
Boy you're killing me."

Chorus - "Star Spangled Banner.
Where are my answers.
You played me out.
And showed me your lies.
Star Spangled Banner.
Where are my answers...

You just a greedy, nosy bitch that think that everybody like you.
But in actuality the smaller ones just scared to fight you.
Keep on pushing them, that shit gon come back and bite you in your ass.
Corporation changing trying to cover up your past.
Lips looking good speaking freedom.
But once your lips lock watch her turn into a demon.
Believe in none you hear and 'bout an eighth of what you seeing.
Now pledge Alliance to Yourself before you pledge allegiance. Trust me....

Star Spangled Banner by: @YancyDeron (Prod. By) @Intricate_Sound


released May 17, 2011
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YANCY DERON - An artist that is ever-changing, ever-evolving and does not accept complacency.
2014 brings a new presence of Yancy Deron. Not only is YD continuing to show growth in the respective field of hip hop, he is expanding his artistry from rapper to songwriter, vocalist, jewelry designer and inspirational officer..

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