Peace And Power (SP)

by Yogee. | Yancy Deron (former)



“This SP [standalone project] aims to display the internal turmoil and similar points of view that the minorities of America, young and old, go through when it comes to the country in which they live. This is to give energy to a new America whose aim is to correct wrongs and make changes to antiquated and faulty practices and systems. Nothing else.” – Yancy Deron


released March 10, 2015

Mixed By Intricate Sound
Visual Art by Tiffany Hales / Cherry Lawn Circle
Audio Art by Yancy Deron


all rights reserved



Yogee. | Yancy Deron (former) Pasadena, California

Yogee. 2018

Stepped away from music in 2013 to find more life...

Live Now | Die Later

The music heard here are selected reflections of the years 2010 - 2013

Formerly+Always, Yancy Deron
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Track Name: Keep Strong
This song was placed as an introduction to the bearings of a struggle; the fight, the determination and willpower to achieve victory in what one believes. - Yancy Deron

(Produced by QuamieYae Ft. Kimmi Chon Don and Dreezzzy Love)
Track Name: Savage
This song takes in account the absurdity between yearning for the glitz & glamour and the realities of life. It addresses the issue of what we as a people have a tendency to strive for; the Fame and Fantasy instead of true ambitions and goals that will bring us longevity in security and happiness. - Yancy Deron

(Produced by Sincere)
Track Name: Prolly Die For This
This song is an outcry of frustration and anger towards the political systems. A rebelliousness based around the nature of opening the eyes of the masses, that we are one people, who are in need of uniting in order to make a prominent change in the country in which we live. - Yancy Deron

(Produced by Sincere)
Track Name: Devil In America ft. George Carlin & Tupac Shakur
This song exposes America’s big corporations and the one-percenter’s propaganda. Exercising a combination of freedom of speech and firm evidence to unveil “the land of the free’s” controlling freedom. - Yancy Deron

{Produced by Intricate Sound)
Track Name: Slave ft. Raawt
This song directly addresses the issues of a black man’s plight: Mistreatment from very the law we must abide by, our community within the Black population, as well as our own internal thoughts. Expressing the rage that comes as a byproduct of these difficulties. - Yancy Deron

(Produced by Uncle Dave - ft. Raawt)
Track Name: Warrior Bloodline
This song tells the story rarely told. Shining light on the battle we have always put up when attempting to be conquered, overthrown or ruled. This is a tribute to the fight in us. - Yancy Deron

(Produced by Intricate Sound)
Track Name: We Gon Be On
This song calls for unity and togetherness. Proclaiming that we judge not on appearance but on content of character, while declaring that no one person is stronger than a team with a uniform goal. - Yancy Deron

(Produced by Intricate Sound)