BBGW (The Soundtrack)

by Yogee. | Yancy Deron (former)

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released September 25, 2012



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Yogee. | Yancy Deron (former) Pasadena, California

Yogee. 2018

Stepped away from music in 2013 to find more life...

Live Now | Die Later

The music heard here are selected reflections of the years 2010 - 2013

Formerly+Always, Yancy Deron
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Track Name: Salutations // Intro
Salutations... Roll Up. Turn Up.
Track Name: California Love ( Rawwkit)
Bad bxtches... Good Weed...
Sit right there and tell me what you really need.
We got it all, baby this is California.
But watch them solid colors, I ain't gotta warn ya!....

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: GDP ( Sincere)
Bad bxtches. Good weed.
Feeling good. Smoking better.
Break of dawn it's like 5 in the morning.
Birds chirping. Beautiful weather.
Ain't been to sleep since last night.
We rolling round ain't shxt to do.
She rolling up. I pour some more.
She hella throwed. Im chopped and screwed.
My bxtch is hot. I'm hella cool.
Tried to swing by Roscoes It ain't open.
Stomach hurting. I need some food.
I'm pouring up. Coasting.
Burning Trees. Roasting.
Rolling round just killing time... Holla..

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: Full of Smoke ft. MeeSo ( Sincere)
Riding Round.
Blowing dro, we gon roll it up we gon pour some more.
Is ya high as fuck? Is ya eyes red, cuz its full of smoke.
And we in this Bxtch and the windows up and you finna choke.

- Meeso

Just left the tree clinic. Swishers need weed in it.
Nxggx I'm a pro roller. Sit back let me split it.
Then get that Hydro. Put about a G in it.
Twist it up. A couple times.
Split that swisher on the line...
Track Name: BBGW ( Intricate Sound)
You see my whip game proper. And I ain't talking cocaine.
Donuts in the parking lot my tires need some Rogaine.
I pull up to ya. Yea I pull up to ya.
Bad Bxtch staring back at me like Medusa.
The reason I'm the shxt aint cuz I'm laying on manure
Top back, windows down, chilling like a cooler.
I'm fresh, nxggx I'm fresh.
If we turn the cameras round on you, you a mess.
Tell the dj in the club this the fkcuing one, Turn around and pop that a$$ a$$ like some bubble gum.
I'm trying roll a couple up, have a little fun.
you trying have some fun, Right??
Day turn to night and them girls get invited.
She tell her bestfriend and her nxggx don't like it.
Prolly cus her other homegirls so excited.
We be on a hill smoking greeen like cypress.
The weed and the wine be my sidekick.
Plus she bought her bestfriend like a sidekick.
my game vicious. Something like a high-kick.
An two can ride, cus yea, I got my license....

Bad Bitches x Good Weed

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: Workiit ft. Skeme ( Sincere)
Bad Bxtches to the MothaFkcuing ceiling.
I murder pxssy and its finna be a killing.
Her a$$ black but her hair look like Sicilian.
And her friends bad, nxggx they all look like some villians.
Couple hoes acting like they worth a million.
Fkcu them bxtches cus my swaggers on a billion.
And I'm rolling off a motherfkucing pilly.
Nxggx I got on Penny's what you got on JC Penny's
That's why she like me. That's why she like me
Now her nxggx wanna fight me cus his girlfriend wanna bite me
I try to keep it cool before this shxt get hella hyphy
I don't thinkhe want them problems I just rather see his girlfriend go to..

Work -- Workiit -- Workiit --Work

-Yancy Deron
Track Name: Lap Dance ( Intricate Sound)
Bad bxtches on me. Shxt feel like a movie...

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: Smoke Break // Intermission ( Danny Boi)
Roll Up.

-Sincerely, LNDLiens
Track Name: Hennessy & Apple Juice ( Polyester of HellagooD)
Lay back. Sip Som'n.
Track Name: Sundress ( Danny Boi)
Dedicated to ~ She ~

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: Fxck Break // Intermission ( Quamie'Yae)
If my words can speak they'd probably say
How beautiful you are today
If I'ma thief, first thing I'd probably take's your heart away
Leave your man shook, crossover. Hardaway
if feeling you is wrong, it couldn't be no wronger way..

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: Termination ( Sincere)
Frosted Flakes with cold milk...
Track Name: Dammit ft. Quamie'Yae ( Oh Gosh Leotus)
Damnit Dammit Damnit!!.. Hahahahahaaaa
Track Name: Nothing Like Her ft. Rocky Rivera ( Intricate Sound)
She not Sadaam but she got weapons
Of mass destruction her ass constructed
For a whole lot of love like she's Led Zeppelin
And all I wanna do is touch it..

- Yancy Deron
Track Name: I'm So High // Outro ft. Audreeezzy and Crooklin ( Intricate Sound)
Live Now|Die Later